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Joas Burggraaf,
Director of Photography


Great to meet you, I’m Joas Burggraaf. Filming and directing are my passions. As a Director of Photography I am creative, driven, enthusiastic and one of a kind. With over fifteen years of experience, I’m working for several film and television productions, commercials and corporate films.

I’m employable as DOP, but also as freelance ENG cameraman, where I believe that the right lighting is just as important as the camera work. I’m capable of working with most of the possible camera systems, and by working with my own gear I can keep my prices low. I’m creative and original with both camera work as well as with directing.

If you like to give your project just that extra look and feel, I’m convinced I can help you. I feel it is my mission to tell the story in a unique and seemly way. By specializing in working with my ARRI Mini LF (4.5K), Steadicam, DJI Ronin, tracking system, mini-jib and drone. I can offer the exact dynamism to each production.

Feel free to contact me anytime, I’m happy to hear from you.