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Joas Burggraaf,
Director of Photography

Director of Photography

If you like to give your project just that extra look and feel, I’m convinced I can help you. I feel it is my mission to tell the story in a unique and seemly way. No 9 to 5 office hours for me, I like to deepen myself into each assignment to apply the highest achievable. My experience with editing and directing enables me to think further as a Director of Photography; to see if nothing gets overlooked.

By specializing in working with my ARRI Amira, Steadicam, DJI Ronin + Easyrig Vario 5 (BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K can be inserted), wireless Follow Focus, rails and JIB, I can offer the exact dynamism to each production. Besides, I work a lot with lighting the scene – it gives the shots something extra and something special.

Having my own equipment doesn’t mean I can’t use or work with other equipment. I can work with all types of camera’s, and it’s of course possible to hire all sorts of equipment.

I love to travel the world and film abroad. The past years I’ve been filming and photographing in India, the USA, Ireland, Nepal, Israel, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, South- Sudan, South-Africa, Europe, and the list is ever expanding.