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Joas Burggraaf,
Director of Photography

Möbius’ Trip (Trailer)

Shot on my ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and Zeiss CP.2 lenses (and more).


Watch the official trailer for Monkeyshoot Studios’ “Möbius’ Trip“. First closed preview screenings showing from September in the UK and the Netherlands.

Jeremy Brandt is an agent on a mission to stop a man with a device containing a button that must not be pushed — but has been — resulting in an extensive chase. This leads to an electric struggle, against each other and ultimately for a solution to the greatest challenge anyone can face.

“Möbius’ Trip” stars Davy Eduard King (“To Catch A Spy”, “Bon Bini: Judeska in da House”), Matthijs Ten Kate (“Divide by Zero”, “Capo Di Famiglia”), Chloe Elizabeth with William Sutton (“Who Is Alice”, “Het Jaar van Fortuyn”, “The Spectacular”) and featuring the voice of Manu Bennett (“The Hobbit”, “Arrow”, “The Shannara Chronicles”, “Spartacus”).

The film is directed by Matt Jaems, and produced by Helmut Ramak, Matt Jaems, Joas Burggraaf, Nicole Steendam, Maarten Bun, Vincenzo Toscani and Luc Gerrits. Glenn Roggeman serves as executive producer. The screenplay was written by Lawant & Matt Jaems. The director of photography is Joas Burggraaf.

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