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Joas Burggraaf,
Director of Photography

The Reluctant Informant (BTS)


Behind-the-scenes footage shot and directed by Marc Pollen (https://www.scherpschutters.online/)

Watch the official movie of Monkeyshoot Studios’ “The Reluctant Informant”.

When US Special Forces Lieutenant Grant Rigg brings a gift to sweeten an intel deal in the middle of an Iraqi desert, the meeting takes a drastic turn as the informant unwisely takes this generosity as an opening to bargain for yet more.

“The Reluctant Informant” stars Davy Eduard King (“To Catch A Spy”, “Möbius’ Trip”, “Bon Bini: Judeska in da House”), Amjad Al-Kanbar (“Kul elhub kul elghram”), introducing Henrico Mulder and featuring the voice of Greg Shapiro (“United States of Europe”, Comedy Central, “Netherlands Second”).

The movie is directed by Matt Jaems, and produced by Helmut Ramak, Matt Jaems, Joas Burggraaf, Nicole Steendam, Maarten Bun and Luc Gerrits. Glenn Roggeman serves as executive producer. The screenplay was written by Lawant & Matt Jaems. The director of photography is Joas Burggraaf.

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